The DF1 Router now supports the programming of Legacy serial interface controllers (PLC5,SLC) and MicroLogix controllers over Ethernet. The module will also allow a serial device to communicate to multiple PLCs or MicroLogix controllers on a Ethernet connectoin (eg. serial radio interface). The DF1 Router can be used as a replacement for the NET-ENI module.

The Cell Connect module provides an easy to configure method to exchange tag data between Logix controllers as well as sending messages to user's mobile phones.

Data exchange between control systems has never been easier and more secure. Logix tags, even complex user defined types (UDTs) can be exchanged with matching counterparts in controllers anywhere in the world. The data exchange does not require the registering of a cellular APN (Access Point Name) service, nor does it require a static or external IP address. Data exchange makes use of RSA-key authentication and AES encryption ensuring it is never compromised.

The following Aparian Products have been successfully passed the ODVA EtherNet/IP Conformance Tests:

  • IP Point HART In
  • IP Point HART Out
  • HART 4In
  • HART 4Out​

The IP-Point-HART module can convert any analog device into either EtherNet/IP, Modbus-TCP, or DNP3 TCP/UDP protocols. This includes 4 to 20 mA input and output devices with or without HART communications as well as 0 to 20 ma devices without HART.

The IP-Point-Hart is available in Input or Output variations:

  • A-IP.HART-I for HART input devices like process instruments.
  • A-IP.HART-O for HART output devices like valve positioners.

The conversion to EtherNet/IP enables a HART device to be added directly into a Rockwell Automation Logix IO tree. The Modbus-TCP option enables a HART field device to be viewed as a Modbus Slave. The DNP3 option converts a HART field device into a DNP3 Outstation. The DNP3 option, also supports Secure Authentication, ensuring secure communications across the Ethernet network.

In addition, a rich collection of process and diagnostic information is provided directly into Logix, without the use of any explicit messaging. HART commands can also be relayed to the device using an EtherNet/IP message relay object. A DTM (Device Type Manager) is available further simplifying device configuration and management using an FDT frame.​​

Aparian provides a range intelligent routing products for various protocols including EtherNet/IP, DF1, DNP3, and Modbus.

The DF1 Router which provides an easy to use solution to integrate legacy DF1 products, including DCS gateways, to Rockwell Automation's Logix family via EtherNet/IP.

The DNP3 Router provides intelligent data routing between EtherNet/IP and DNP3 (serial, Ethernet UDP, or Ethernet TCP). The DNP3 Router allows the user to integrate DNP3 devices over a secure link into a Rockwell Logix platform (e.g. ControlLogix or CompactLogix) with minimal effort. The DNP3 Router also supports DNP3 Secure Authentication.

The Modbus Router provides intelligent data routing between EtherNet/IP and Modbus (serial Modbus-RTU or Ethernet Modbus-TCP). The Modbus Router allows the user to integrate Modbus devices into a Rockwell Logix platform (e.g. ControlLogix or CompactLogix.) No copying or mapping of data in the Logix controller is required as the Modbus Router writes directly into Logix tags. ​