The Aparian DNP3 Router can be used with a Micro M850 Controller to operate as a DNP3 Outstation RTU.  Example code and a specific Application Note can be found on the Product Page.

The Aparian Time Sync module is an out-of-rack PTP Grand Master Clock. Giving it the ability to provide accurate time to any PTP or NTP client. The out of rack feature enables the module to be mounted close to the antenna, eliminating the need for expensive low loss coaxial cable.  See Time Sync Module.  The Time Sync Module can also be added to the IO tree in Rockwell's Logix Controllers or used to synchronize Modbus devices.

The Aparian DF1 Router can be used in place of the now obsolete 1761-NET-ENI module.  The router can be used as programming link from a computer to a DF1 device or to route DF1 communications to Logix/SLC/PLC5/MicroLogix.  The module also supports the DF1 Radio Modem Protocol. 

Aparian has released the DH485 router that can be used to replace the obsolete 1761-NET-AIC module from Rockwell Automation. The router converts DH485 to directly EtherNet/IP alleviating the need for DF1 communications. The module allows simultaneous connections to multiple controllers. It can be used to program controllers via DH485. 

Aparian, Inc. is please to announce that it has obtained the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) for Australia and New Zealand for our Routers, 4 Channel HART, Time Sync, and XPosition modules.