The IP Point HART and HART 4 modules have been updated to support multidrop (ie. Multiple field devices on a single channel) as well as Burst mode for faster operational HART communication.

Aparian’s XPosition and HDLC Router modules now support Modbus Slave operations. This will allow a user to communicate with the module using Modbus TCP. 

The Aparian Modbus Router has been updated to support multiple nodes in Slave mode allowing the user to emulate multiple Modbus devices with a single Modbus Router. The module now also supports interfacing Modbus devices with SLC/MicroLogix controllers in both Master and Slave modes.

The DNP3 Router now supports the ability to repeat DNP3 messages enabling the user to create a radio network over a wider area.

Aparian provides solutions for connecting the new PanelView Plus series (which is an Ethernet only device) to DF1, DH485, and DeviceNet modules. This will allow the user to interface the latest PanelView Plus devices to older non-Ethernet based devices (eg. DF1 for SLC5/05, DH485 for SLC5/03, DeviceNet for 1771-SDN, etc.)