The DV Scanner allows interfacing between a Rockwell Automation Logix system and the DeltaV™ M-series IO. (DeltaV™ is a mark of one of the Emerson Process Management family of companies.)

The DV Scanner connects to a Rockwell Automation Logix Controller (e.g. ControlLogix or CompactLogix) via EtherNet/IP and connects to the DeltaV™ M-series LocalBus via a Right Carrier Extender (KJ4001X1-NA1) using a standard D-shell cable (KJ4002X1-BF2). This allows the DV Scanner to connect to, and control, the IO in an M-series system.

The following IO cards are supported:
• KJ3001X1-CA1 – 32 Channel, 24Vdc Dry Contact, Digital Input (DI)
• KJ3204X1-BA1 – 32 Channel, 24Vdc High-Side, Series 2 Digital Output (DO)
• KJ3222X1-BA1 – 8 Channel, 4-20mA HART, Series 2 Analog Input (AI)
• KJ3221X1-BA1 – 8 Channel, 4-20mA HART, Series 2 Analog Output (AO)
• KJ3001X1-BA1 – 8 Channel, 24Vdc Isolated, Digital Input (DI)
• KJ3001X1-BG1 – 8 Channel, 24Vdc Isolated, Digital Output (DO)
• KJ3002X1-BC1– 8 Channel, 4-20mA, Analog Input (AI)
• KJ3002X1-BB1– 8 Channel, 4-20mA, Analog Output (AO)

To aid in migration, the DV Scanner provides a Shadow mode where the DV Scanner can run in parallel with the existing DeltaV™ M-series controller. In this mode the existing CPU is controlling the IO cards and the DV Scanner is listening-in and providing the input and output readback data to the Logix.