Aparian has recently released the FF Link module providing an easy-to-configure interface between FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus (FF) H1 devices and either EtherNet/IP (Target or Originator) or Modbus TCP (Master or Slave). This module serves as a replacement for the legacy 1788-EN2FFR and 1788-CN2FFR devices with the ability to import the configuration from their legacy 1788-xN2FFR AOP configuration.

The FF Link operates as an FF H1 master allowing EtherNet/IP devices (e.g. Rockwell Automation Logix platform) or Modbus devices to exchange process, alarming, and diagnostic data with H1 devices as well as provide parameterization and asset management of H1 devices using either the Slate software or Device Type Managers (DTMs).

Up to 32 FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus H1 devices are supported by the FF Link. The data is formatted into the engineering units for use in either a Logix platform or Modbus Master/Slave device by using the automatically generated mapping imports for Logix User Defined Data Types (UDTs) or padding for Modbus Registers.

The FF Link supports module redundancy when in EtherNet/IP Target mode, where two identically configured FF Link modules operate in an “Active – Standby” strategy.

The module’s dual Ethernet ports can be configured for either a Linear or Ring (Device Level Ring – DLR) Ethernet topology.

The FF Link will allow the user to monitor and extract FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus H1 device alarms from each H1 device on the connected H1 fieldbus from either a Logix controller or Modbus Master/Slave device.